Who are the true experts in foundation piling?

In recent years, more and more entrepreneurs and engineers improvising as experts in the field of stabilizing foundations. Result: many customers are dissatisfied with poorly designed or poorly executed work. So who are the real experts? To avoid these errors here is what you need to know.

First, the mere fact of being an entrepreneur or being an engineer is not a guarantee of success. A contractor needs an extensive practical experience in pile stabilization combined with practical knowledge of a structural engineer to not commit the irreparable. The contractor and the engineer must be objective enough to recognize their limits in their respective fields. As the responsibility for the work will be shared, the experience gained from the two experts will be the best guarantee of success. The engineer has his share of responsibility, but in practice it is not he who will do the work. The aim is to prevent finger pointing when a dispute arises. The engineer must sign his plans based on adequate knowledge (Article 2.04 and 3.02.04 of the Code of Ethics). Hence the importance for the engineer to work with an experienced specialist foundation contractor that acquired the essential practical experience in the specific field of stabilizing buildings. In our field, as in others there are fraudsters. Stories of poorly designed work, poorly executed work, abandoned construction sites, stories of bankruptcies, contractors without insurance or without a license, I could write a book of all the horror stories I have witnessed and that led too many tragic ends. Fortunately there is still some honest people!

One way to put the odds on your side is to ensure that the selected contractor is a building stabilization expert with many projects (1000 and up) realized with no complaint. You must also ensure that the engineer be experienced in the field of stabilization on steel piles and has liability insurance that covers this type of design. The serious entrepreneur will not hesitate to provide you with a long list of projects and client references you can contact.

I have to my credit more than 5000 projects in collaboration with engineers experienced with steel pile stabilization projects.

If you want your project properly executed by an experienced entrepreneur, contact me.