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The causes of water infiltration

Besides poor concrete quality or aging, which causes tiny cracks, the foundations of a house may need sealing if they are affected by hydrostatic pressure, or built below the water table.


Foundations must be waterproofed when water and soil moisture seep into the basement of your home, causing mold, fungus and odors.

Pieux Metropolitain’s solution

A tight waterproofing system to keep your basement dry!

Installing an air gap membrane below ground level makes the foundation waterproof and promotes the removal of water and moisture through the french drain system.

The Delta-MS membrane used by Pieux Metropolitain is made up of high density polyethylene, a material waterproof, durable, eco-friendly and non toxic.

By creating a barrier to prevent moisture and water infiltration, the membrane reduces odors and mildew, allowing you to enjoy a dry and healthy basement.