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Causes of foundation cracks

Cracks are caused by subsidence of the soil and require more than a simple repair. In fact, if the settling of the land is not corrected, the crack will always reopen. Pieux Metropolitain experts can determine the true cause of cracking.

It is worth noting that there are other causes of concrete cracking. Freeze periods, poor fill, excessive or inadequate drainage, mature tree roots, a lateral deflection of the embankment, concrete removal or a combination of several of these factors.

The sympthoms

Cracks in the foundations can cause leaks. They weaken the foundations.

Pieux Metropolitain’s solution

A method for permanent repair!

For a permanent repair, the crack must be closed and not only injected with epoxy. Pieux Metropolitain experts offer permanent solutions. We keep cracks from expanding, by attaching clamps and steel plates that are bolted to the foundations, before being filled with hydraulic cement and covered with plastic cement.

Contact us to identify the true cause of your cracked foundation.