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The causes of poor drainage

The causes of drainage failure are numerous. First, there is the absence of French drain or its age. The useful life of a French drain is about 30 years. It can also be crushed or clogged by soil and roots, and may have been installed too high or low. In addition, the French drain can be contaminated by ferrous ochre.

Les symptômes d’un mauvais drainage

When water collects around the foundations, moisture seeps inside the perimeter of the slab and at the bottom of the walls. Traces of efflorescence and occasional infiltration of water can be detected in the basement walls, especially during a thaw season or after heavy rains.

Pieux Metropolitain’s solution

An effective drainage system that removes water from your foundation!

To have an effective French drain, it must be professionally installed in compliance with building code. The French drain has to collect the accumulated water along the foundation and remove it by gravity or by pumping away the water from the home. With Pieux Metropolitain, you are guaranteed quality work, at the best possible price.