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The causes of a sinking foundation

The settlement of a building occurs when the soil on which it is built can no longer bear the weight of the building. Either it was built on a poorly constructed backfill or that the backfill soil for various reasons dries and settles.

Symptoms of a sinking foundation

Movement of a foundation is noticed by the gradual emergence of different symptoms, such as cracks in the foundation, brickwork and particularly the corners of doors and windows. A warping of the door frames or windows ensuring that they no longer close tightly. A detachment of the fireplace or a joint opening in walls, etc.

In exceptional cases, especially when the soil is very soft, the entire structure sinks in unison, with no cracks appearing. In this case, only a laser/altimeter level can tell us how far the foundation has sank.

Pieux Metropolitain’s solution

A unique system of hydraulic pile driving to make your home stable!

The only solution to stop the movement and permanently correct the foundation is to stabilize it with steel pilings. The steel piles are hydraulically driven to bedrock or load bearing strata to support the weight of the building. When required, the system of hydraulic jacks can also lift the foundation, either wholly or partly depending on the owner’s needs.

With Pieux Metropolitian we guarantee: a professional service, quality work and 100% satisfaction everytime.