About us

Our expertise and equipment are at the cutting edge of technology used to perform work on any type of building, in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Whether you want stabilization from steel piles, need to remedy or waterproof your foundation, put in a new French drain, repair cracks, or straighten a balcony or a fireplace that is at risk of collapsing, Pieux Métropolitain is the company you need.

Our mission

Pieux Metropolitain’s objective is to present our clients with the best possible solution for their foundation needs. As the deterioration of foundations may be due to several factors, it is important to make the correct diagnosis to decide the appropriate repair technique.

Competent staff and qualified partners at Pieux Metropolitan identify the cause of the problem in order to offer the most sustainable solution at the lowest possible price.

More than 25 years of experience
at your service!